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The world of Sport

With the NBA playoffs, UEFA Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics around the corner what would be a better time than to discuss sports. Whether you are an agent, athlete or a fan this post is to help you get involved in the world of sport. Now I might be a bit late to the party but I always had that image of Michael Jordan in his Chicago Bulls jersey slam dunking the ball into the net. Wilson will now be the main manufacture for the NBA basketballs. If you want to purchase the Spalding ball for nostalgia purposes (and a valuable collectors item) or grab your hands on the Wilson basketball that defines a new era you can click the images below.

Now moving away from sporting products there is another aspect of sports that has become more prominent, I have personally seen some growth in the amount of people that wish to become sport agents & intermediaries (in particular football agents). This is a great move for a lot of people that may be a fan of sport, want to still be involved in the sport or want to be in control of their destiny. If you click on the below image it will take you to a course on how to become a sport intermediary. It will teach you where to start, understand the business and you will receive a football intermediary certificate at the end.

Now as we gear towards the Tokyo Olympics we always embrace the build up with the likes of the Olympic torch relay, embracing our countrymen in their physical prime and trying to collect some Olympic memorabilia. Now during the London 2012 Olympics I saw a man collect a slab of artificial grass from the Olympic village but one thing I thought was interesting were the collection of Olympic coins. These seem to be more valuable that the actual monetary value of the coins themselves. Living in London I was completely unaware that these coins even existed, if you click the picture below you can have a look at these coins in more depth. These 50 pence coins have image of judo, archery, badminton and more; this definitely seems it could be an antique or a collectors item.

If you have any topics of discussion you have in mind regarding sports please drop me a message.



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