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Trim-It your very own portable Barbershop service

We have all seen a major change in how we usually like to get our hair done. Whether you use salons, barbershops or hairdressers our experiences during the pandemic would have been fairly similar. For one my barbershop was obviously closed throughout the pandemic, since re-opening for business I have to wait outside of the barbershop as seating arrangements have been restricted (it is basically a one in and one out service or you would wait until your barber calls you for your appointment). I remember searching for am operating barbershop service that adhered to the social distancing restrictions as I was in desperate use for a haircut and coming across Trim-It. Now Trim-It did actually shut down their operations due to COVID but I was still hugely interested in the concept of a barbershop service that drives to your location. The app is so simple to use, you simply: set your location, confirm the available date and time. The pricing is competitive where you simply cover the travel cost of the barber (usually a couple of £'s) and pay the barber in advance for your haircut. Now the great concept is that they do not have to set up shop in your home as their uniquely designed vans have all the necessary equipment inside. Once your barber pulls up to your location you would simply step into the van which is designed to give you a luxurious feel. The Trim-it van has his own chair, with a power generator and all the tools to give you a haircut suited to your style. Now we all enjoy the sense of camaraderie & community that we have in our barbershops. For some it is a day out as you would have built a relationship with regular customers and your barber however I do enjoy the convenience of Trim-It. The option of going into a barbershop or hairdresser will always be there, but we will have days where we do not want to make that journey or leave our doorstep; you can either arrange for a Trim-it van to drive to where you work. The Trim-it team are going through a major expansion and hoping to be nationwide in the next few months, at the moment they operate mainly around London. Click the image and give them a try, let me know what you think.



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