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The world of Real Estate does not always mean property Tycoon

I have posted about various nice business and cools products but I have noticed that I have not really touched upon real estate. I have not touched on property investing or the buy to let market but I feel this is becoming a very popular topic; whether you want to be an entrepreneur or simply earn some passive income on the side there is valuable knowledge available for everyone. I took some time in researching companies that offer help to people of all different levels, these range from property tycoons to those just starting off. Property investment can be complicated and isn't a money-no-brainer as some people make out, profit calculation, location, resale value can all be factors when deciding what property you want to add to your portfolio. I remember attending a property seminar and the speaker mentioned to the audience that he looks at things like internet connection, water system and the crime rate before buying a property in that local area. So I came across Property Investor UK that provides courses & guide for their subscribers who are at different levels of their property investment journey.; below I have provided a link to a free property research & viewing checklist. Now there other links to different guides that will vary depending on your experience in the world of property investment, there is a guide for Beginners, Professionals and then there is the Enterprise guide. You would receive a set up guide, a buy-to-let investment calculator, access to their newly launched investment tool kit and regular updates on the current market. It is important to note that the below guides provides licenses, although a license is not required to be a landlord some privately rented home would require this. It might be worth having a look at the below guides as investing in a property is a big commitment.

Drop me a message, let me know what stage you are at at in regards to buy-to-lets and property investment. I am interested in your journey, the location of your properties, what you thought of the above guides and what your future plans are.



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