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The Sneaker/trainer resell Market

I am aware this growing trend has been around for a while but now I am really starting to take more notice, I am seeing more Yeezy's and Jordans being sold for astronomical prices in my humble opinion. The reselling of shoes seems to be a very very lucrative business opportunity and although I commend it this can be at the detriment to pure trainer/sneaker fans. If you go to websites & download mobile apps such as StockX and Sole Supremacy you will get an idea of this market works in full effect. Automated Bots are having a big influence on the market in a negative way and although some websites (through the use of software engineers) already write their own bot code to combat the negative impact . "These bots are operated internally by the online stores making sure the store is running as efficiently as possible". Buyers & bidders create bots that can be as little as 10 lines of code to defeat an e-commerce backend that may have cost months of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. I have heard about bidders setting up Bots to bid for them whilst they sleep and when they wake up they are the highest bidder for a particular pair(s) of exclusive trainers with the bot creating an automated payment process. This is where a lot of sneaker/trainer fans get frustrated because those trainers are now resold on the market for a bigger price. The bot enters the front-end of the store, runs an automated add-to-cart scenario and then checks out . I like a nice pair of trainers but I am prepared to wait until more of those particular shoes are available rather than pay 4,5,6 times the original price. I wrote a blog post on the customisation of sneakers/trainers and appreciating the art, but the new exclusivity of trainers has added a whole new dynamic. Please watch the below YouTube video from the Financial Times on just how much revenue is turned over in the reselling of trainers/sneakers. Let me know what you think and if this is a business opportunity that you have considered?



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