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The Go 2 Agency

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I have not touched on the music world in any of my posts but I came across a newly launched company that works within the music industry but specifically in regards to publishing. I do not know much about music publishing & royalties but I suspect that even a lot of aspiring and well renowned music artists are uneducated in this area.

The Go 2 agency helps combat this by doing the administrative work for the artist whilst the music artist/song writer/producer can focus purely on their art form. The music scene especially in the UK is constantly growing with new sounds now breaking into the music charts domestically and internationally. They offer Royalty administration services on a quarterly basis where they register, monitor and report music usage and look into unpaid royalties. The Go 2 Agency will licence, collect and distribute royalties on behalf of songwriters and composers by monitoring and actively supervising the artist's work. I always hear so much about music artists owning their masters but I have never really understood the importance of it however this company also makes sure that income is correctly traced and received for their clients. As you can probably guess The Go 2 Agency is a service designed to help music artists trace and retrieve income that is legally owned to them by covering all grounds from royalties to neighbouring rights. Click the image below and have a look at their website where you can read more and contact the company founder directly (Shauni Caballero).



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