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Social distancing

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I am not going to talk too much on the COVID-19 and put a negative spin on this post nor will I pretend to be an expert on this strain of the Corona Virus. There is enough information through the media and through scientific online sources where youe can read up about this virus

These are very dark times across the world and here in the UK the government has strictly told the public to "Stay in Doors" and administering"Social Distancing". However now is a perfect opportunity to find new hobbies, find new interests, self reflect and build connections with others in various ways and a chance to self reflect

I know of friends and family that have picked up a language, built a stronger online presence and reading both non fiction & fiction books (whether it was self development, financial education and home workouts).

I came across the book Black Chat Chronicles: A predators Paradise on my days at home by chance and reached out to the writer. I found these selection of stories funny and witty but it also touches on aspects of online dating from a female perspective in a serious but a light hearted manner. The writer has a way with words and when she gives details of the scenarios you cannot help feeling you are there in those awkward but funny scenarios. Online dating is now the norm and I am sure more people are using social dating/ social medial platforms to connect whilst being at home but it does not mean that online dating does not have its ups, downs, adventurous and turbulent scenarios . I found these stories easy to read at I wanted to read something a bit more light hearted in this current climate. It takes a lot for me to read a story and laugh out loud but these stories certainly did the trick. Click the image below to buy the book, it is also available on Kindle and please let me know that you think, hopefully we see another book from the Writer (Sian Simms).



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