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Renting luxury fashion, is this the future of fashion retail?

I noticed that I haven't posted too much on the fashion industry as there are so many independent fashion brands being created by the second, both domestically and internationally. One thing that has been brought to my attention is the idea of renting designer wear & luxury fashion through large fashion retailers such as Selfridges. Now at first I may have turned my nose up at the idea but now I actually think this might be a strong business model which will completely change the shape of fashion retail going forward. I read an article in The Guardian which kind of changed my perspective, especially with the below excerpt. "The main difference between this new-wave of fashion rental and its old reputation for fancy dress is that these are items to wear every day; pieces that scratch that itch for something new without claiming precious space and hard-earned cash, or giving in to fast fashion. Through a post-Covid lens, it’s easy to see why it’s capturing the zeitgeist." Now I know there is a stigma on social media that you must not be pictured in the same outfit twice (which I do not agree with) but this idea of renting fashion items may help those who subscribe to this notion. Or simply there may be some luxury items that may seem a bit too pricey and you would simply like to rent it for special occasions. The message I am trying to get across is renting fashion items can cater to all scenarios and be hugely convenient if you choose to use this service. I recently came across Ricent who operate a fashion rental service but their niche is luxury handbags. To use their service is quite simple, you will need to sign up, choose a subscription plan, rent your luxury handbag and return it. If you sign up to the mailing list you get the first month subscription for free. The images below are just an idea of what type of bags you can rent.

Please let me know what you think about renting fashion products or whether it is something you have considered. I feel that this model may begin to dominate rather than actually owning the item outright so I would be interested in your thoughts.



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