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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As you might have noticed the AKERSWORLD logo has changed quite a bit from the older retro logo we had when we first launched. There are many talented design freelancers and companies out there helping up & coming businesses on the creative side of things but we was personally recommended WORX CREATIVES in terms of rebranding and designing our new logo and they did not disappoint. We felt at AKERSWORLD is was time to rebrand slightly as out following has grown a bit since we first started.

You can contact WORX CREATIVES on their site and on Instagram as they offer a range of services from: logo design, business template design, flyers and even website deisgn. You can drop them a a message on Instagram or on their site. click the picture below and see if they can help you.

Drop us a message and let us know what you think of our new logo and do no not forget to check out WORK CREATIVES.



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