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2020 new year new goals

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I know it's quite late already for a 'new year' post but just like yourselves you probably been as busy as I am trying to plan and achieve your goals for the following months. Every year I find myself saying "This year went quick" and before you know it I am planning my goals for up and coming year.

On the subject of achieving your goals for this year, I came across a Phone App which might especially be helpful to you all and especially my creative readers. This App is called "MyBusks".

"Mybusks is a online movement to connect Talented and Passionate individuals with the world through their Buskies, raise donations for charitable causes or for personal endeavours by signing up for free..."

You DO NEED Facebook to sign up to for fraud prevention purposes but click the image and give it a try- you can discover talent or be the discovered.


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