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knowledge is key

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

It is now May and we are still in Lockdown and it looks like we will still be indoors for a little while longer . One of the hobbies I have tried to pick up on in my spare time is reading more to search for some enlightenment in these uncertain times. I wanted to challenge myself and my way of thinking so I purchased the below books based on recommendation.

Whether you are searching for inspiration, to critically analyse your way of thinking, improve your daily routine/habits or becoming financially literate, I suggest reading the below books as they have had a large impact on myself in a short space of time. Honestly, I wish I started reading these books sooner as I have always naively looked at these books from a cynical point of view with the though that "these books will never give me the answers to be rich".

These books are not necessarily going to give you the blueprint or the secret to becoming a millionaire nor are they guaranteed to make you the next Jeff Bezos. However, the below books will certainly help you self-reflect and focus on self improvement whether this this is financially or something personally within yourself.

One consistent theme in these books that I learnt is "paying yourself first" but I will let the suggested books break this down for you. There are many lessons to be learnt on where I could have made use of better opportunities and reading informative literature like this allows you to analyse in hindsight where you went wrong and how you can improve your decisions going forward.

you can click the images if you wish to know a bit more about each book and to make a purchase. Drop me a message and let me know what you think once you get the chance to read any of the three books or if you have done so already. Feel free to recommend me any more books, I am trying to use my time wisely during the Pandemic and increasing your knowledge is key.



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