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"I have a great business idea but no capital"

The initial hurdle to any business is getting funds for it, which one must overcome before starting. There are many people out there with great business ideas. However, they never end up materializing their ideas due to a lack of funds. Launching and running a startup requires tremendous efforts and determination. According to the statistics, barely any startups make it to more than five years. Hence, chances of failure are higher for most businesses.

Here are some ways through which you can secure business funding for your business idea

Make an Elaborated Business Plan

Most people who invest in your business always have their eyes on the benefits after their business investment. It would be beneficial if you highlighted the expected financial circumstances in your business plan since it captures the vendors and investors. The business plan gives a guideline of how you will be running your business and what you are offering to the market.

The business investment plan and analysis should have details of the target market; the loopholes should be highlighted, which you wish to exploit based on your competitors. Moreover, it should have an open organizational structure that would dictate the responsibilities and roles of the stakeholders.

Take Help from Friends and Family,

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

It is a fact that friends and family are the second most reliable source when you want to start a business, but you are low on funds. Their goodwill and love for you are immense and crucial to granting you funds for your business idea. Getting funds from people you know is beneficial since the funds come with either no interest or very little interest. However, always keep in mind that good relationships can be at stake when money comes in between them.

Entrepreneurship is literally crash course in humility. Being a business owner, you should know the most important skill of being able to turn for help and knowing when to do that as well. You should also know how to get yes as an answer.

Crowdfunding Websites

The internet comes in very handy when you want to secure funds for your business startup. Here are some of the crowdfunding websites that you can turn to for your business investment

1. Crowdfunder

2. Circle Up

3. Fundable

4. Kickstarter

You can also apply for government loans based on your business plan. There are multiple investors online that will poach great business ideas and put their money in it. These crowdfunding websites can place you on the investor platforms that will allow your business idea to be noticed.

Angel Investors

Every business requires funding and goes through several stages of investment. In general, the first few months to the first few years of a business require you to make an investment every now and then. Startups usually need to shift from Series A funding to Series B or C when necessary. During the first round, angel investors can be very crucial considering funding. Although their investment can be indebted, they give feasible and viable options to start the business. Angel investors usually involve themselves during the first few stages of your business. Once that has been sorted, you are all on your own. Angel investors also operate independently, without any advisors and committees.

Get in Touch with your Local Bank or Reliable Online Lender

If you have a good relationship with your local bank, it increases your chances of securing a loan with them. Make sure you bring your business plan and all the details. A convincing presentation should help and present in front of the loan officer with a professional attitude. However, if you are unable to secure a loan, don’t stop trying and look for other options.

You can also get in touch with online lenders who provide business loans to startups.

Use Money from your Savings Account

If you have enough funds in your savings account, you can use it to invest in your business. This is also a very dependable way to invest in your business. Using your own savings comes with multiple benefits and the foremost is that you do not share profits with anyone. Moreover, there are no debts to haunt you either. You don’t even give away equity in your venture. But it is a very risky pathway if your business idea fails.


Partnering with someone else is a proven strategy for companies that are successful. If you have a partner, you will always have someone to put in ideas and share liabilities with your venture. You share your profits accordingly, too. The only problem with partnerships is disagreements, which can also be tackled if you sit together and sort it. However, both parties need to be patient in looking for solutions in this regard.

Know where you stand Financially

When you plan on starting a business, you should know where you stand financially and be ready to invest emotionally and physically too. But the rule is to only invest what you can afford to lose.

You can conduct an audit determining your assets and debts. Once that is done, set aside a reasonable portion of your savings and make a business investment. You should plan out how you will be raising the rest of the funds too. Although this sounds obvious, a lot of entrepreneurs do not know how to investigate their own financial standing. Hence, they never know what they are dealing with. Know that it is an essential step when you are starting a business.

Final Verdict

Before you start looking for more funds, evaluate what your financial standing is and your initial costs. Extra funds may not be needed if you maximize what you already have. Starting your own business requires funding. However, it isn’t a mean task.

The tips mentioned above are perfect if you are looking forward to starting your venture and need funds. Have a look at the below video as an example of the difference funding can actually make to your business.

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