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Be You. Be Yee

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

What I am liking more and more is the emergence of more online fashion brands offering an alternative to your usual high street fashion brands. New clothing brands are being created from a simple sketch in a bedroom to launching their own unique fashion lines with their own unique emblems, logs and designs. I have purchased clothes from these independent fashion lines and despite any stigma attached to smaller fashion brands, a lot of the products are of good quality and do not necessarily fade after one wash.

AKERS WORLD is far from a fashion site or blog but we do like to promotive innovative ideas. A few months ago I came across the fashion brand 'Yee' and purchased a T-shirt. - what I found interesting about this brand is the cool unisex items but the promotion of fair trade. Fair trade clothing is apparel that has been produced based on ethical trade standards. I am aware "Fair Trade" can be seen as a marketing plot but Click the logo below and have a look! You can drop them a message as they are active on social media to



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