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AKERS WORLD Merchandise

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

We are pleased to announce the first of AKERS WORLD merchandise (and hopefully many more). The product is a clip on air Freshener that has the AKERS WORLD logo sculpted on the locket.

The purchase comes with 10 reusable multicoloured pads where you can use our sampled oil fragrance or you can add your own scents, aftershaves & perfumes to the pad. The fragrance samples we provide range from Eucalyptus, Rose, Orange and Lavender; feel free to provide suggestions for any more sample scents we should add. The oil fragrances are not a part of the AKERS WORLD brand but we thought it would be cool to throw in a sample for our readers.

You can make a purchase by clicking on the any of the images where there is a full description of how to open the locket, add the pads and apply to the oil scents to the air freshener. The convenience of these clip on air fresheners is that they do not necessarily have to be used in a car but they can also be used in air vents that are situated in an office.

Feel Free to drop me a message and let me know what you think - we are hoping to bring more AKERS WORLD merchandise and expecting big things to come.



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