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A Big O Coffee

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I'm far from a coffee connoisseur or a coffee expert and rarely frequent coffee shops but I have noticed a rise in independent coffee shops. However I came across an E-commerce coffee store located in the UK called A Big O Coffee.

Now I understand there is a wide range of coffee products and coffee blends which 'A Big O Coffee' offer. 'A Big O Coffee' deliver to homes and businesses (free delivery for orders over £25) and anyone that works or has ever worked in an office knows that coffee is part of the furniture.

“Here at A Big O Coffee the roasters have over 30 years’ experience and we believe we have created some of the best blends you can buy on the market”

The Good thing about this business is although they are relatively new, their staff have a huge array of experience in the coffee industry. They are always developing and trying to create new coffee blends to satisfy the tastes of their customers. The blend that appealed to me the most was the toffee and chocolate but there is a vast range of flavours such as the rich & creamy textures or deep spice flavour.

Click the image below and give the website a visit – there may be a coffee blend that suits your taste. There are exciting things to come from 'A Big O Coffee' and I am looking forward to tasting the new blends they develop.



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