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What does it take to provide a bespoke Lifestyle Management Service?

The world is starting to open up now after the pandemic, well in the UK anyway so I thought it would be a good idea to write about the Lifestyle Management business. With things returning back to "normal" this would certainly remove the limitations of providing such a service to the respective clients.

"Lifestyle management or personal concierge service will allow an individual to take control of their life by creatively assisting in the routine tasks. From high profile royalties and celebrities to business persons, lifestyle management offers ultimate assistance to make life much simpler and easier." This is very much a bespoke service as it is tailored towards the individual's lifestyle needs which would usually involve a yearly paid membership. Examples of well renowned companies that provide this type of service are Velocity Black and quintessentially The lifestyle management service is to support clients with managing all areas of their life whether it may be: family, personal or business. I listened to a podcast recently where Sol Lovemore who is the founder of WIMB Lifestyle spoke about his journey of setting up his own concierge service. He is used his natural skills which were being personable and being able to network (which he used whilst working in retail) which then helped him launch a successful Lifestyle Management business. He talks about the types of requests he has received from his clients, which ranged from assisting his client in buying a private Jet to getting an emergency lint roller for a suit whilst his client was in the middle of eating dinner at a restaurant. What was also important is when he mentioned how critical it is to not only build relationships with the clients but you need to build a strong network with other brands and businesses in order to deliver a bespoke & well rounded service for your clients. This is where your personal brand would help differentiate your service compared to the competition. How prepared are you to go over & beyond to meet your clients expectations? How determined are you to outdo your competition? Are you able to provide exceptional customer service? These are very important questions if you wish to establish what can be a very demanding service. The lavish holidays and experiences with your clients can be amazing perks of the job, but you must also remember that sometimes the service you provide can be 365 days a year if you want to set yourself a part from the rest. On Instagram I have seen an increase of these concierge services. Why? The internet and social media have made the world smaller, influencers for example who already have a large following and have collaborated with worldwide brands have used this to their advantage when building businesses in the concierge industry. This is not to say you need to be an influencer to provide this service as this will be down to the determination and grit of the specific individual to succeed in a competitive industry. Remember "nobody is you and that is your super power". I have provided a YouTube video below by Quintessentially which gives you an idea of how the business works. When starting a concierge business there are some things you may wish to consider such as: The services you whish to offer, the name of your company, any insurance needed, the pricing structure and how you will find clients. Please let me know if lifestyle management or a concierge service is a business you hope to set up in the future and what you thought of this post.



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