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End of year book wrap up

This year has been a journey of self-discovery and growth, largely influenced by three extraordinary books. Each book opened my eyes to new perspectives and offered invaluable lessons in personal development. My book club on Pinterest has been popular so I thought that for the last post of the year, I will highlight three books this year that have stood out the most for me this year.

Discovering Financial Wisdom: A New Look at "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

Recently, I revisited "Rich Dad Poor Dad," a book that a friend had recommended reading multiple times at different life stages. This second reading, three years after my initial encounter with the book, brought about a significant shift in my approach to both business and personal finance. My first reading, which occurred just before the pandemic, highlighted the importance of the principle "pay yourself first." Robert Kiyosaki's insights have not merely introduced me to new concepts; they have fundamentally transformed my understanding of money, investment, and wealth creation.

During my initial read, the contrasting perspectives of 'Rich Dad' and 'Poor Dad' were quite revelatory. The 'Rich Dad' philosophy emphasises financial education, investing, and the importance of assets over liabilities, contrasting sharply with the conventional focus on job security and earning a salary.

However, my second reading brought to light the more nuanced aspects of Kiyosaki's teachings. I began to appreciate the broader implications beyond mere financial advice. His emphasis on financial intelligence, the willingness to take calculated risks, and the ability to identify opportunities where others see barriers have profoundly influenced my daily decisions. From actively seeking investment opportunities and being more discerning in distinguishing assets from liabilities, to striving towards a sustainable and profitable business model – these lessons have been invaluable. This journey included enhancing this blog, exploring cryptocurrency, and investing in various businesses.

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" has done more than educate me about business principles; it has reshaped my entire approach to financial freedom and wealth. It has been a transformative journey in redefining my financial destiny, and I look forward to revisiting it in the future.

Embracing Change: The Impact of "Attitude Is Your Superpower"

This year, my personal transformation was significantly influenced by the insightful book "Attitude Is Your Superpower: How to Create Incredible Life-Changing Success." Far from being a mere reading experience, this book has been a catalyst for a profound shift in my perspective on life.

The book's central premise posits that our attitude is our most powerful tool in shaping our lives. This concept resonated with me, highlighting how a positive and resilient mindset is essential in overcoming obstacles and achieving previously unattainable goals. The author offers practical strategies for harnessing a positive attitude to foster success in personal, professional, and social realms.

The practicality of the advice in each chapter stood out to me. Implementing these strategies led to noticeable improvements in my daily life. I found myself tackling problems with a solution-focused mindset, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth, and maintaining optimism in difficult situations.

Reflecting on the book's teachings, I've come to understand that significant transformations often begin within ourselves. Adopting a powerful and positive attitude has opened new doors and offered opportunities I had never considered possible. This book has not only been inspirational but also a practical guide in realising the potential that a positive outlook holds.

Inspirational Insights: Learning from "Shoe Dog"

Another book that profoundly impacted my perspective this year was Phil Knight's "Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE." This narrative extends beyond the creation of a famous brand; it's a chronicle of relentless pursuit and dream realization against formidable odds.

Knight's journey from selling shoes out of his car to building a global empire embodies the essence of entrepreneurial spirit. His story, marked by immense tenacity and faith in his vision, taught me about the value of embracing risk, confronting setbacks, and continuous innovation.

The book also highlighted the importance of building a cohesive, passionate team. Knight's relationship with his early employees, referred to as 'Buttheads,' and their collective triumph over numerous challenges, reshaped my understanding of effective leadership as I am looking to create a team myself. It emphasised not just guidance but also the significance of listening and growing together as a team.

Moreover, "Shoe Dog" emphasised the value of appreciating the journey itself, not just the destination. Knight's reflections on his personal and professional experiences underscored that true success lies not only in achievements but also in the lessons learned and the relationships built along the way. I certainly have had my setbacks this year but always maintained a determined attitude.

In conclusion, each of these books has profoundly influenced my life, offering tools for personal and professional growth. They have served as sources of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance, and I am eager to share the key insights and their transformative impact on my journey. You can click on the images to have a look at each book and I would like to know what you think. This is the last post of the year so firstly I would like to thank you all for reading, subscribing to the mailing list and being on this journey. There are great things ahead for AKERS WORLD. I would lastly like to wish you all a happy new year and thank you once again for supporting.



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