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"The most difficult part of being vegan is waking up at 5 am to milk the almonds"

Now this post is far from a health advice article or AKERS WORLD convincing you to become a vegan, this is simply to explore the growing trend of vegan drinks from emerging & existing brands. Vegan drinks are usually plant based and have been marketed as a healthy substitute for dairy. Soymilk, almond milk, and rice milk comprise the most well-known vegan drinks in the marketplace. Since they contain various vital minerals, vitamins, and minerals, they are viewed as the healthier alternative. Consumers' growing interest in ethics, health, and sustainability has led to the trend of switching to vegan drinks. The many advantages of a vegan diet encourage consumers to seek out vegan options which include vegan drinks.

The rise in consumption of vegan drinks has increased several times over the last few years, which is among the main reasons behind the rise in demand for the item. Vegan diets and vegetarianism are the main driving factors for this shift. Vegan-friendly drinks have made their way into the mainstream. They show no signs of slowing down, and dairy alternatives are gaining popularity as a healthier diet alternative for consumers. Growing public awareness about the health benefits of natural products such as greens, nuts, and even fruits increases the popularity of drinks manufactured from plants. In addition, shifting consumers' preferences away from high-calorie carbonated drinks and towards healthier vegan drinks is predicted to create an industry of unlimited vegan drinks.

Since producers of vegan-friendly products like vegan alcohol constantly provide consumers with products that are more creative and have distinct flavours and ingredients, the industry for flavoured vegan drinks is growing. The development of vegan drinks helps meet the rising demand of customers for healthier drinks while preserving their texture, flavour, and nutritional qualities. For instance, the American chocolate and confectionery giant Hershey declared that it was expanding its selection of vegan drink brands by launching Sofit the Almond beverage. If you click the images below you will see a range of different vegan alcohol liquor drinks but if milk doesn't tickle your fancy, here's a list of vegan friendly alcohol products from established brands

Due to the constant push towards vegan and organic products, including vegan drinks, Asia-Pacific Except Japan (APEJ) is set to become a lucrative industry for the production of vegan drinks. The rising demand for vegan juices and ready-to-drink drinks will also allow producers to boost sales by bringing out new drinks with other wellness benefits. The demand for non-dairy drinks is soaring across developed regions like North America and Europe due to the growing popularity of sustainable diets. With the rise of lactose sensitivity and food allergies, consumers in the mentioned regions are mindful of their diets, which is the primary reason for their desire to consume vegan and vegetarian products, such as vegan drinks. If you click on the chart below it will take you to an in-depth exploration into the growing market size of the plant based beverage market.

A rapid rise in the popularity of flexible and vegan lifestyles is one of the significant factors driving the rise of the industry for vegan drinks and vegan meals. People's preference for eating flexitarian and vegan diets, which are constantly increasing throughout North America and Western Europe, is among the main factors driving the expansion of the industry for vegan drinks across these areas. "Gen Xers" and Millennials, two of the demographic groups that retailers are targeting are making a steady transition to a vegan lifestyle and creating favourable conditions to increase the industry's size for vegan drinks

As the demand for vegan drinks increases in various regions worldwide, the number of producers is growing. Businesses are undertaking R & D to understand the industry gap better and try to fill it. Furthermore, the competitors are working on new ideas to stay ahead of the growing competition in the industry for vegan drinks. The industry is divided because of the constant introduction of new products. Some of the major players include The Hain Celestial Group Inc., Blue Diamond, DanoneWave, and Eden Foods Inc. Additionally, the significant producers of soft drinks and carbonated drinks are buying small-scale businesses with a high chance of success.

The trend toward vegan food and drinks has become more evident, with consumers ready to buy vegan products in preference to animal-based items. The transition to eating a vegan lifestyle has also resulted in consumers looking for vegan protein-based supplements, creating an opportunity for companies that sell vegan drinks. In particular, most people opt for a protein made from plants such as rice or peas instead of buying whey-based products. The need for vegan protein powders is also seeing a massive increase within the sports nutrition category, and athletes are choosing vegan proteins as an integral element of their training.

Convenience stores are rapidly changing to provide customers with products that are up to modern technologies and convenience (online placing orders and deliveries) as well as upgraded services. Because of this, the sales of vegan drinks at convenience stores are rising.

The industry for drinks made from vegan ingredients is predicted to show significant growth in 2027 because of the increasing vegan population and the growing demand for cruelty-free and vegan food items. In addition, the growing global population that is lactose intolerant is predicted to boost the industry's size from 2021 to 2027.

The growing awareness of health issues among people due to their hectic and sedentary lifestyles is predicted to boost the industry vegan drinks shortly. In addition, a shift away from carbonated drinks that are high in calories to more nutritious vegan drinks could increase the demand for the industry. Additionally, the growing demand for protein-rich plant products from the nutrition and sports industries is likely to boost demand for products across different economies. However, the volatility in prices of raw materials and the increased cost of products is predicted to slow the expansion of the industry for vegan drinks until 2027. In light of the spread of COVID-19 by 2020, increasing health issues have prompted the necessity to consume non-vegan drinks. Due to these benefits, this will likely profoundly impact the vegan drink industry over the study period.

In today's world, drinks aren't just thirst quenchers. Customers are now searching for a more functional and practical design for their drinks. To meet this demand, producers of vegan drinks are trying to expand their range of products by introducing new vegan products. Vegan drinks are in the best position to benefit from this growing trend. These drinks come with an enviable health profile that makes them an ideal option for functional plant-based additives.


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