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Customise my Sneakers

One thing I noticed during lockdown and through the current pandemic is the growing trend of sneaker & trainer customisation. I don't quite have the talent or the artistic flair to customise trainers, nor would I even know where to start but it seems the spare time we have has allowed some people to tap into their creative side. To some its a hobby, to some its a business, and to others its a hobby turning into a business. I have seen these pages at all levels, some more established businesses that collaborate with other brands and smaller Instagram pages trying to grow their following. One thing that still remains and is prevalent is the creative talent that these designers have. The customisations appeal to all demographics as the designs I have seen really vary from: anime, cultural prints, cartoons, nature and different colour schemes. The designs are unisex and the shoe sizes range from new born babies to adults. I have noticed that one of the main suppliers of equipment & customisation kits is Angelus Paint - they supply the stencils, acrylic paint, paint brushes and even a colour wheel to help guide you in mixing & blending colours. I am definitely going to get one of my pairs of trainers customised in due course but I am not too sure on the design that I would like, If you have any suggestions please let me know. This has created another source of income for a lot of designers in these testing times and an extra avenue to expand their current businesses. Please click the images below to visit both respective designers shopify and Instagram pages. Let me know what you think!



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